Ameegah Paul HI,Ameegah Paul from Mauritius, born with a Cerebral palsy. I’m 22 years old. I’m a graduate in IT SOFTWARE and Fine Arts, I’m currently pursuing my LLB and BSc (Hons) Psychology. I’m the Founder-President of the ngo VisioNew which aims to fight against violence. Also the Event Coordinator and Treasure of the Association pour la Protection des droits des Handicapés which aims to fight against all types of discrimination on people with disabilities. I’m also a Motivational Speaker who helps people with depression and other problems. Ameegah is a relentless activist advocating for the cause of abuses and discrimination against the marginalised and helpless in the society, Persons with Disabilities, the elders and women. Instead of nurturing self-pity and leading a recluse life, she transformed into a colourful and energetic human being. It allows her to engrossed in her passion for art and service to Humanity. She firmly believes that her handicap is a blessing because it is allowing her to live a more meaningful life and to reach out to others suffering in silence. She really deserves to be among the Top 10 because this will encourage her to move forward and move higher into helping others in the society. That will also help people suffering in fear to come forward to Ameegah in order to voice out against any types of violence and discrimination.

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